Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Mystical Menagerie

This is the work I presented for my Masters of Fine Art assessment.  My project was about exploring personal, historical and mystical narratives through jewellery, objects and drawing. 
 The owl and the mirror. Sterling silver, fine silver, hematite beads, fabric.

 The Bee and the Jar. Sterling silver, fine silver, 18 ct gold, citrine, collected jars, beeswax, crystals.

 The Rabbit and the teacup. Stering silver, fine silver, pyrite beads, lace.
 Whale and Radiant Being!  Sterling silver, fine silver, shell, mirror, crystals, beeswax, wood, paint, fabric.

The  Turtle and the wounded table. Fine silver, pyrite beads, collected objects, sand.

 The Spider and the Web. Sterling silver, fine silver, pyrite beads, 18 ct gold.

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