Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have some new work on display at egetal until 31 July. It is an installation of 8 necklaces and a brooch. They are made from fine silver, sterling silver, 18ct gold, sapphire, pearl, mother of pearl, diamond, felt and feathers. They are repoussed and engraved, each one an individual snowcrystal.

                                It is a wild and woolly night
                               The Intrepid ventures into the Snowstorm
                               Ever onward in search of the truth
                               Into the Eye of the Storm
                              To the floating kingdom of the snow crystals
                              To discover snowflakes of diamond, pearl, sapphire, felt, feather, gold and silver
                              Each one a unique individual
                              Never replicated
                              Such is the wondrous nature of the snowflake!


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