Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Illuminate is a group exhibition on now at Studio Ingot. It is part of the  contemporary jewellery and object trail, Radiant Pavilion. This event is on all this week all over Melbourne (1- 6 September). Check the website via link for full details.
The brief for this exhibition was to create 3 important neckpieces exploring the continuum of individual practice. 
I have further explored my interest in the spiritual and symbolic relationship between ourselves and the natural world. These are pieces to contemplate, let the imagery and the material move something deep within. They are part of a story that you already know.    
 The first piece is Snake/ Earth. The snake is also ouroboros, the powerful ancient symbol of the eternal cycle of life/creation, forever beginning and ending. 
The second piece is Whale/Sea. Within the whale all things are transformed. The breath of the whale is the very nature of divine energy. 
The third piece is Bird/Sky. The bird flies through the night sky, lifted by currents of air, rising and falling. From its beak stream stars...

                             Snake/Earth- fine silver, sterling silver, fine gold, oxidized and sealed with beeswax.
                             Whale/Sea- fine silver, sterling silver, shell, oxidized and sealed with beeswax.
     Bird/Sky- fine silver, sterling silver, meteorite, oxidized and sealed with beeswax.


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