Monday, December 23, 2013

Star seekers.

There is a story told in the Christian scriptures of three astrologers who followed an immensely bright star (Matthew 2:1-12). They were so drawn by this star that they followed a hunch in their hearts that it would lead them to the Divine. So set were their hearts on this bright vision in the sky that they pursued it over great distances and through many struggles. Following the star meant that they had to do their traveling at night. They did not know where they would be led. They only knew that they had to follow. They lost sight of the star, and in great humility, they had to rely on other starseekers to tell them where to locate the star again.
This star "filled their hearts with delight"(Matthew 2:10). They continued to follow it in the darkness of the night, journeying until finally they found themselves at the feet of the one whom they had long sought...
from The Star in my Heart by Joyce Rupp

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